Mike Gamaroff

Dawn of the Digital Objects

March 7, 2019

I spoke with Mike Gamaroff, CDO for Varius, about where the concept came from. “Everyone knows that digital goods don’t carry with them the same perception of value as physical goods,” he explained… Read online »

Varius gives retail a blockchain edge

January 7, 2019

Blockchain professional services company Varius Solutions has developed a series of blockchain-powered ‘smart digital objects’ for the retail industry, transforming the way consumers interact… Read online »

Smart cities improve quality of life

June 1, 2018

Cities around the globe are adopting smart technologies. New York City, for example, deployed Link NYC kiosks, which offer Wi-Fi services and advertisements to residents… Read online »

Outdoor advertising set to get smarter

March 20, 2018

To bring the future of digital out-of-home (DOOH) to the forefront, leading outdoor media company, Adshel NZ, has called on key local and global industry experts… Read online »

The marriage of mobile and OOH

September 29, 2017

Every time I’ve seen mobile data and digital out of home married, we’ve seen between three or four times higher results on the engagement… Read online »

Solution looking for a problem

April 13, 2017

Many in the Digital Outdoor Advertising industry by this stage are familiar with the IAB Programmatic Buying Ecosystems schema that depicts… Read online »

OOH on cusp of transformation

April 7, 2017

At the IAB Canada’s Location-Based Advertising day, speakers discussed the potential of the medium, including whether or not programmatic OOH… Read online »

Mobile and OOH – Video Everywhere

November 22, 2016

Mobile and OOH should be planned and bought in alignment with each other. 2016 DPAA Video Everywhere Summit… Watch video »

Facebook’s ad metric problem

November 17, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg has a credibility problem. Facebook just admitted to finding more “bugs” in the way it measures ads… Read online »

People of Ad Tech: Mike Gamaroff

October 28, 2016

SITO Mobile SVP Mike Gamaroff says that it’s time for OOH and mobile advertising to converge… Read online »