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Media and Creative Digital Executive

CEO | Managing Director | Founder | Head Of Innovation
Creative Director | Software Engineer | Art Director
Head of Interactive Services | Lead Designer

Specialist in emerging and converging media landscape, with a focus on IoT, mobile, digital and social media. Since 1998, I have worked for leading digital agencies and companies in a wide mix of disciplines such as creative direction, programmatic buying, data logic and software design.


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Varius Solutions

Chief Digital Officer

Venice, CA.
Blockchain is the most significant technological development since the Internet. It has the power to change everything. We've seen the impact in the crypto-currency market, but the world is yet to discover the transformational potential it has to disrupt just about every online technology industry in existence. Most of all it is the psychology of true OWNERSHIP of digital goods, commodities and objects that will mean our online experiences take on a whole new meaning and significance.

Varius Solutions resides at the apex of this new technology revolution, providing solutions and services that leverage the power of blockchain to bring to the world an entirely new asset class which is set to change the way we experience the internet forever.

2018 - Present
2016 - 2018


SVP Channel Strategy

New York. The advancement of location-based data and measurement in the physical world is a subject that has long fascinated me, because of the potential for brands to understand the movement of their audiences. Mobile data greatly enhances the ability to target on-the-go audiences and measure the effectiveness of other location-based channels like OOH and social media, and brands are quickly shifting their attention to these emerging audience-centric approaches. At SITO I worked with a range of industries and channel partners to help them realize the power of smart location data strategies.


Head of Innovation

New York. Kinetic Worldwide is owned by WPP, the largest ad group in the world. Kinetic serves digital and traditional outdoor buying for all of GroupM, the family of agencies that comprise of Mindshare, MEC, Mediacom, Maxus and some others. When WPP acquired my London-based technology lab, I joined Kinetic as Head of Innovation where I helped drive adoption of creative and interactive technology, digital expansion and programmatic buying. I served such brands as Nike, Unilever, Citibank, Miller Coors and many more.

2008 - 2014


Founder and CEO

London. In 2008 I founded my own social marketing company specializing in emerging channels, and at the time Facebook was precisely that. We worked on some great social brand engagement campaigns for Mini, Guinness, Vodafone and many more and were swiftly adopted by Facebook into their Preferred Marketing Developer Program (now Facebook Marketing Partners). Over the years we shifted into mobile media and production, and then into the convergence of real-world and online. I have over 60 stunning campaigns under my belt, across almost every major brand known. Gamaroff Digital was acquired by WPP in 2014.


Creative Director

London. TBG, now part of Sprinklr, was an online media buying agency in London. I served as Art Director on the creative team, but being also a software engineer with a passion for data and performance, also developed a sophisticated A/B testing analytics tool for online display media. As a developer who was also building Facebook apps in my spare time, I introduced the marketing power of Facebook to the company. TBG went on to make some changes and became one of the best known Facebook paid media and performance testing agencies in London – also awarded Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner status.

2006 - 2008
2003 – 2006


Creative Director

Dublin. Formerly Cybercom, Company of Huskies was and still is the leading digital marketing agency in Dublin, Ireland. I joined when the company had a core specialism in digital media, planning and buying and was hired to grow the role of creative services in digital marketing. I developed a strong expertise in the deployment and facilitation of online display campaigns, but also helped the company grow into what is now the leading agency for creative as well as media. I was credited in several DMA awards, and was privileged to work on many stunning campaigns for large international brands like Guinness, Vodafone, Carlsberg and Coca Cola in an energetic client-facing capacity.


Head of Interactive Services

Dublin. TecBrand, eventually known as DirectBrand, was an Irish B2B Direct Marketing agency specializing in the technology sector, with such clients as Siemens and HP. I joined the company in 2001 as Head of Interactive services as the company sought to expand into digital realms. I went on to work on a number of notable digital campaigns for some of Ireland's largest brands. Having helped it establish some meaningful digital credentials, the company was able to take advantage of the online media boom that ensued.

2001 – 2003



VR/AR • Mobile • Proximity • IoT • Blockchain


As a former software engineer, I have developed or presided over campaigns, apps and branded products using VR/AR, proximity, IoT, face and eye tracking, gesture control and more.

Analysis • DMP • Insights


Being passionate about data, much of my career has involved analysis, contextual planning, audience insights centering around emerging sources of data.

Media • Location • Engagement • UX • Tech


I shifted directly into the emerging mobile channel in 2009, I've developed or presided over countless campaigns, apps and products, as well a focus on media, data strategy and geolocation

Business • Growth • Teams


I have served in leadership positions since early in my career, and I applied these skills to grow a successful creative technology business. I lead through listening and inward reflection.

Media • Engagement • Viral


My social media marketing company was invited into Facebook's Preferred Partner Program in 2009. Ever since I’ve creatively implemented the power of social for brands

Goals • Pivot • Scale


Having completed one successful exit, I have a talent for helping pivot companies towards revenue growth through innovation

Interactive • Digital • UX


With a career forged in digital design and creative direction for online media, I am in tune with developing creative technology trends and have an award-winning track record.

Digital • Outdoor planning • Buying


Serving in agencies big and small - with a specific focus in online, social and digital outdoor media.


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